Software Consulting Services

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I and my team provide custom software consulting services.

I have over 11 years of commercial software engineering experience working in different business sectors and a broad range of technologies. See my Linkedin page for more details

My main and preferred programming language is Scala, but I’m also confident in using Java, Python, Bash, SQL. I’m always happy to learn new things that solve real problems.

Right now I’m happy to take on more cryptocurrency related projects.

Recent Projects

Recent years I have been working in the cryptocurrency and finance related industry, I have worked personally on the following projects:

  • Bitcoin payment processor - Backend solution for major PSPs, accept Bitcoin as payment method, instantly convert it to fiat and withdraw to your bank account, I was lead engineer on the project for over 3 years.
  • Bitcoin hashrate exchange - An exchange-like platform for users to buy and trade mining hashrate.
  • Automated trading software - I have build numerous trading applications for clients or myself that utilize different trading strategies, including algorithmic trading, market making, etc.
  • Backtesting software - I have build backtesting frameworks that can test different trading algorithms event at the 1 minute tick resolution, including distributed solutions based on Apache Spark.


Depending on project requirements following types of cooperation are possible:

  • Contract work to do one-off tasks
  • Permanent project development and maintenance
  • Supporting your existing team by providing more capacity

In order to meet the project demands I have employed a team of engineers to help me meet the goals of the clients.

Software Consulting Services

  • General software development
  • Commercial support for open source project or libraries (like developing new features and ensuring that they are integrated with the upstream project)
  • Support with urgent issues
  • Developing new projects or taking over projects from other team
  • Team amendment
  • Infrastructure development, both cloud (Kubernetes, AWS, GCP) or other

Cryptocurrency Trading Software

  • Trading bots: development, (back)testing, maintenance
  • Automated trading software
  • Strategy development and testing


Please contact by Linkedin or via email wojciech @